Welcome to Huangshan

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    Huangshan, located in Huangshan City, south of Anhui Province, is about 40 kilometers long from north to south. The east and west are about 30 kilometers wide and the total area of the mountain is 1,200 square kilometers. The core area is about 160.6 square kilometers, Area of 1078 square kilometers. Huangshan for the "three mountains and five mountains" in one of the three mountains, with days are peaks, lotus peak, bright top three main peak as the center to the surrounding extension of the continuous mountains, meandering, magnificent. Huangshan to Qisong, rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs "four absolutely" known, the characteristics of the famous mountains into one, totally natural.

    "Huangshan "four must" is a must see, welcoming lofty reputation must be unknown, a symbol of Huangshan welcome all visitors to the number of tourists are numerous, like a piece of art as standing on top of the mountain; Natural creation ability, the formation of the Huangshan Qianqianghehe, also formed a different form of rocks, "five old days are", "Su Wu Sheep" and so on, people for them to name, as if given to these stones In the air, but the sea of clouds is not easy to see, the air should have enough water to rise or rain and fog is not open to form, if the weather is too good, blue skies, water and gas is not enough, then the water can not be seen There is no way to form a sea of clouds; Huangshan hot spring perennial, water temperature around 42 degrees, exposure to them, to ease the body and mind, purify the mind.

    In addition to the "four absolutely", more people are directed at the sunrise of Huangshan, especially in the event of the sea of clouds, then the sun to reach the ground plane, the waves rolling the sea of clouds will cover a layer of Ambilight golden thin Yarn, with the sun slowly rising, million rays, shop to the earth, shocked people's minds. Huangshan three waterfalls, fog lime and Yuping, Beihai, Baiyun and other scenic spots are filled with a variety of strange landscape, it is worth stopping people to stay, watch taste.