Registration Information

For a complete registration, you need upload four files:

The Final Paper
The Registration Form
The Receipt for Wire Transfer (���ƾ֤)


(All Chinese characters below are intended for authors from China��s mainland only)

Registration Fee: US$500 (for 1st paper; US$450 for 2nd paper onwards for the identical first author for each paper. It containts the exchange fee)
Extra Page Charge: If your paper exceeds 8 pages, please pay US$60 for each additional page
Registration Fee without Publication or Presentation: US$260
Extra Proceedings (per CD): US$40

ICNC-FSKD 2018 Payment with US$:

1. Via wire transfer (Please add into your wire transfer note "ICNC-FSKD Pxxxx ��the first or corresponding authors' names��", where Pxxxx is your paperid)
2. With credit cards via Paypal

ICNC-FSKD2018 Credit Card Payment with Paypal

1. Each registration fee includes publication of 1 paper within 8 pages in the conference proceedings, 1 CD-ROM Proceedings, lunches, dinners, banquet, tea breaks, as well as all technical sessions. The registration fee is US$500 for the first paper and US$450 for each subsequent papers for the same authors (It containts the exchange fee).
2. Each paper must have a dedicated registration with full payment received by the date specified in the acceptance email for the paper to be included in the proceedings and conference program (multiple papers require multiple registration fees.). All accepted but unregistered papers will be excluded from the conference proceedings, conference program, EI Compendex, SCOPUS, ISTP, and IEEE Xplore.
3. If your paper(s) is(are) already covered by registration(s) from co-author(s), or if you do not need to publish or present a paper, the registration fee is US$260, which includes lunches, dinners, banquet, tea breaks, as well as all technical sessions. If you require CD-ROM proceedings, the following proceedings charges apply. If you wish to make a presentation but without publishing a paper, you need to pay author registration fee.
4. Extra proceedings CD-ROM costs US$40 per piece.

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